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8. Oktober 2013

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Hocus Pocus Alfie Atkins

“Hocus Pocus Alfie Atkins” is a content-packed children’s game for iOS and Android devices, created by the Norwegian companies Hyper Games and Maipo Film. The game is for children from 3-9 years old.

In the game you will help Alfie build a tree house, so he can get a gift from his imaginary friend Malcolm. While building the tree house floor by floor, you discover many new characters and mini games; pirate duels, house work, magical tricks and sing-a-longs. As the adventure unfolds, you also get a chance to decorate your own tree house!

It’s been a great challenge to create a game for such a young, but still very wide, target group. Our goal was to make a game that doesn’t underestimate children’s capabilities, and with a diversity of content that let’s everybody find something they enjoy in the game. I feel we have done a very good job at this, and I’m very pleased with the result. Are Sundnes, founder of Hyper Games and director and writer of the game

Alfie Atkins

Alfie Atkins, Willi Wiberg, Alphonse, Alfons Aberg – the popular character created in 1972 by Swedish author Gunilla Bergström, goes by many names. He is one of our most famous Nordic children’s characters, known and loved by generations of children and parents through the best-selling series of books.

The stories describe a young child’s everyday life, familiar to kids from all cultures. Both funny and thought provoking, they stimulate children and their parents to be imaginative, inventive and humorous in their approach to the world.

A different children’s product

The world of Alfie Atkins has a very different feel than most kid’s entertainment these days. While everybody now competes at being the loudest and flashiest, Alfie Atkins represents a counterpart with its mellow mood – typical of Scandinavian culture.

The game is based on a feature film (also named “Hocus Pocus Alfie Atkins”), and it uses the same design, music and actors as the movie. It was important for us and the film producers to have a continuous universe, and maintain the mood and feel of the old books – but still giving it a modern touch. Maipo Film, with Oscar-winning director Torill Kove, created the beautiful design for the movie, and it was only natural for us to use this in the game as well.

Are Sundnes

Childhood memories

For the game’s design, the developers looked back to their own childhood – and the games they used to play as kids.

We didn’t really have that much to pick from back then, but the games I remember playing most were point-and-click adventure games. You could explore fantastic worlds, solve puzzles and get to know many intriguing characters. We’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from those games.

“Hocus Pocus Alfie Atkins” is not really a point-and-click adventure, but we have used some parts of that genre to create a world where kids love to be. The result is a hybrid of adventure games, and a collection of mini-games. We have many clear references to some of my favourite games, which I hope some of the parents will notice!

Are Sundnes

Swedish heirloom in Norwegian hands

Alfie Atkins was created by Swedish Gunilla Bergström, and is one of the most famous Swedish brands for children. This is the first time Alfie is in a game for handheld devices.

I grew up with the books and the old TV-series about Alfie, and it’s really awesome to be able to work with this character. There have always been neighbourly fights between Norwegians and Swedes, and we love to tease them about the fact that the game, feature film and new TV-series about Alfie are all produced by Norwegian companies.

Are Sundnes

We wanted to make an ambitious game that was based on the feature film, but could still stand well on it’s own. For us it was important that the quality of the game was as high as the movie, and that it had an original approach like the TV-series and movie has. We are very pleased with how the game turned out, and are proud to be able to offer a playful product to kids of the touch-screen generation, tightly connected to the other of the Alfie Atkins products.

Kristin Ulseth, producer at Maipo Film

Well received

The game was first launched in Norwegian and Swedish, and already the first day it was topping the app charts of both countries. The reviews so far have been overwhelming:

Alfie Atkins works brilliant as a game. [..] A very professional production, and the activities are playful and creative enough to keep the children playing again and again. “Hocus Pocus Alfie Atkins” is excellent entertainment for children, and may very well be played together with parents as well.

Aftenposten (Norwegian daily paper)

“Hocus Pocus Alfie Atkins” is a very god, content rich, child-friendly and easy-to-play game without any 3rd party advertising or in-app purchases.

PappasAppar.se (Review site for children’s games)


The game is financed with support from the EU Media Programme, Norwegian Film Institute and Nordic Film & TV-fund.




Trailer: Hocus Pocus Alfie Atkins YouTube, Vimeo, .mp4


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Selected Articles

  • "(Norwegian) A very professional production, and the activities are playful and creative enough to keep the children playing again and again."
    - ★★★★★☆, Aftenposten
  • "(Swedish) “Hocus Pocus Alfie Atkins” is a very god, content rich, child-friendly and easy-to-play game without any 3rd party advertising or in-app purchases."
    - ★★★★★, Pappasappar.se

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